Wednesday, October 12, 2011

life in a postcard

Dear friends & family,

In case you hadn't drawn the conclusion from pictures that I've posted, we're pretty much living in a postcard over here.

Pienza and Montepulciano are proofs #373 and 374.

Pienza, dubbed so since from it Pope Pius II hailed, has an expansive view of the Val d'Orcia that feels completely surreal–a lot like those views I had of the Dolomites.

cuties being all artsy and sketching

It also is home to the best lasagna in the in, better than the Bolognese lasagna. I would have taken a picture for you to drool over, but I was a little too engrossed in eating it.

After that unforgettable lunch (the stuff of dreams), we each chose between walking down the Via dell 'Amore or Via del' Fortuna. You can only walk down one! Of course, I chose the way of love.

Montepulciano is similarly scenic and famous for its wine production. We toured a wine cellar, tasted a fantastic '06 "riserva," and walked off a little of the lasagna.

Dad will be so proud of my love of wine.

two women in Montepulciano, who sat and talked for hours like this. I wonder if they do this everyday!

It is hard to believe how blessed we are.

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