Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Finals week

"Finals" week at Santa Chiara! For me, my finals are 3 B&W prints, 1 watercolor, 1 compositional work, 15 pages of poetry, and a paper on the Renaissance.

I'm not complaining.

working on my compositional piece; you see how my Gpa inspires so much of my art? That's him at 19, me at 21.

art show at Santa Chiara:

The U.T. girl's set of rings she made in jewelry...hmm, one looks like it doesn't belong...

The beginning to goodbyes, both to friends from other schools and to this dreamworld that we live in. What a fantastic 3 months it has been.

Also this week was a tour of a Tuscan vineyard, or as Ricardo calls it, a "wine-yard." And what better way to finish a tour than a tasting? YUM.

probably my favorite picture I've taken, ever.

the architecture kids' final project is a little more intense than mine...

"In Italy we say, one day for bread. One year for wine." -Ricardo

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