Monday, August 15, 2011

Das Burg

Busy and productive day! Ashley flew in this morning, and Ariana this evening. Lots of prep for our pilgrimage to World Youth Day. We leave for Paris tomorrow and come back from Madrid late Sunday...aaaah! Prepare yourself for an overload of posts/pictures in roughly 1 week's time.

One of the highlights of our day? Hiking up the hill to Burg Nanstein, the castle in Landstuhl built in the 15th century. Squishy Laura (my sis' alternative to a flat version of herself) joined in on the fun. Observe:

Scoping out the terrain

Hiking on the trail! Squishy Laura is such a beast.

Squishy Laura was held captive in a tower! Thankfully she was rescued by moi.

Those smarties who built the castle used natural landscape as a foundation...this one's for you, my geology-obsessed mother.

Princess-esque tower.

The view of Landstuhl! And us girls who conquered the castle.

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