Monday, October 24, 2011

Guten tag, again!

For our week-long fall break, Sarah, Kristen and I first hit up my European home base, Landstuhl. (We hoped for no more "not Pompeii" incidents while traveling together again).

I expected a few days of rest in the Braden's beds (fabricated by angels, they are SO comfy), maybe a simple hike to the castle and exploration of the little German town. I never once expected Christel and George, friends of the Braden's, to act as such welcoming hosts to us!

We were positively spoiled. Christel took us out for breakfast in town, we shopped a little, ate dinner at the castle (remember that thing?). She even drove us to Kaiserslautern, where a little Oktoberfest was happening (oh, German food and beer, you are so delicious)! She & George welcomed us into their home for coffee and sweets, and took us to Sunday Mass on Ramstein Air Base.

Can you believe a couple did that for a girl they only met twice, and two other girls they had never met? We were so blown away by their doting and still are.

revisiting the castle

mmm Germanyyy. sweet Christel sitting next to me. George is taking the picture.


Sarah's pure joy captured on film after "pommes frites" –fried potato pancakes with applesauce. SO good

Sarah: "For the first time on this trip, this is a place that I'm not ready to leave." Awwwwww.


  1. "Aus frischen Kartofflen...extra dick, extra gross" means "from fresh potatoes...extra fat(thick), extra large" (Yay GERM 101!) Looks like ya'll had fun. Can't wait to see Germany myself.

  2. oh, T-mas, you will LOVE it! it's such a neat country.

  3. Landstuhl will always have a special little place in my heart <3 Thanks Braden Family!