Sunday, August 14, 2011

Guten Tag!

Day One:

If all days are like these past two, then I imagine I'll have trouble blogging "on the reg" as Jamie would say. So, my dear friends, family, fellow Americans, countrymen, I hope you will be patient with me, ya?

And dear Google, I appreciate your attempt to be cultural and all, but please do not switch the language on me again. It was with great difficultly that I had to change the settings on "meine blog."

Had a safe and nice 9-hour flight over to Frankfurt via Lufthansa airline. I'd like to give a shout out and say "danke schön!" to the lovely little German stewardess who made my flight comfortable (whatup, free wine!) and to our seat neighbor who gave us German chocolates, mmm.

Flat Carolyn and Jamie didn't really enjoy the snack...still smiling, though!

After some serious airport confusion (as in, Stephanie and I may or may not have set off a security alarm whilst desperately searching for baggage claim) we were welcomed into Germany by the lovely Braden family! Paul's red hair was a shining beacon of hope for our tired eyes, and his parents' hugs and pretzels were warm and delicious, respectively. And although we got little to no sleep, we stayed wide awake driving 80-100 mph on the autobahn. Gazing out at the beautiful German countryside–rolling hills, forests, vineyards, little settlements scattered here and there–I could almost smell the beer and schnitzel.

We're staying with the Braden's in Landstuhl, in a great town home. From the window, I can see other quaint homes, shops, the church steeple, and a castle from the 12th century that sits on the top of the hill. There's no air conditioning here, as it's not needed! Just crack open the windows and let in the breeze...let in the sounds of the little German kids (kinders!) playing, the church bells, and the random music festivals. Did a little exploring:

...And we ended the day with a scrumptious feast of cheesy-pork-pasta-something in nearby Rammstein. Probably had the best sleep of my life!

Day Two:
Happy birthday, Mom and Caro!

Started the Sabbath right: with Jesus! After Mass on the Army base in Landstuhl, we drove to Luxembourg. No big deal. Just drive 1.5 hours and you're in another country. We visited the American Cemetery there–for reals, if you haven't been to one, go. They are so beautiful. Your taxes pay for their upkeep anyway. I'm particularly thankful for having found the headstone for a man who was in the 398th bomb squadron with my Grandpa in WWII. How cool is that?

After Luxembourg, we drove back to Germany and visited Trier, the oldest settlement north of Rome. There, we saw the Porta Nigra (Roman ruins, an old gateway into the city) and the Trier Cathedral, which houses the relic of Christ's robe, taken from him at the Cross. The architecture was divine (haaa).

We finished off the afternoon with some mouthwatering vanilla-bourbon ice cream for me, cookies and cream for Steph, and a banana split for Paul...wunderbar! I could easily get fat here. I think flat Jamie and Carolyn are...


  1. Love it. Love you more.

  2. Ummm, where is Squishy green Laura?!!!! I'm insulted!!! These certainly look like adventures to me! I expect you to make up for this, else you can expect a beat down, sister-style, when you return to, how do you say, AMERICA!!!

    Love you Sis,
    L (The Empress)

  3. sorry Lauraaa. It's only been 2 days! I think Squishy Laura was jet lagged and needed a 48 hour nap. Don't worry, there is a TON left to see!

  4. snap, that cathedral looks beautiful from here. Glad you had a pleasant trip and first couple of days. :)

  5. I am incredibly jealous of your travels thus far...and it's been only 2 days!!!! Can't wait for your future posts so that I may live vicariously through you.